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kifaru rambing rifle FS

WTS - Rambling Rifle 7mm RSAUM

Gen 1 forend, with Gen 2 paint
4llbs 15 oz. as shown (with sling, scope and mounts)
very good to excellent condition
includes takedown Kifaru case, scope, and mounts-rings
ultimate lightweight rifle-great mountain rifle
selling to fund new tactical build
$3800.00 OBO
(does not include shipping add $30.00)






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Is this one of the ones that

Is this one of the ones that came out with 3 barrels? I have shot one in .308 at the rendevous. My brother used to work for the company. How is it shooting? What loads have you gotten to shoot the best out of it and what were the groups measuring? How did you get your hands on this thing... very few were produced? I can see why you are asking that much. That is actually a pretty good deal though. I think the last one I saw was at Cabela's fine gun room and it was going for something like nine thousand dollars I think. Pretty neat concept gun.

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9 grand?  Wow, that is an

9 grand?  Wow, that is an expensive rifle.