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kids who want to hunt

i live in a small town in east kentucky. They are alot of little kids around were i live and ever fall when me and my dad get back from hunting they are at my house looking at my deer. They always say i wish my daddy would take me hunting. It breaks my heart because i want them to fill what i fill my dad take me in the woods. Me and dad can't take them all hunting so we got a trap thrower and take them shotting trap. But the way times is right now we just ran out of money. We got one church to help us and now we are tring to get wal-mart to help us. If you know a company that might could help please let me know. And the kids is want a name, like a club name so help us out

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kids who want to hunt

Sorry to hear of your misfortune. A good club name could be young guns.

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