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Kestrel gear

Hey guys,

 This really isn't for hunting per say, but i want to shoot f-class this year and was wondering if  Kestrel® with Horus Atrag Ballistics is any good or if i should do it the old fashion way?

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Sorry, I'm not familiar with

Sorry, I'm not familiar with that product. What does it do?

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Just as an update to
Just as an update to this...

The product does work and I have one...

However, there is software that is supposed to be available from Horus or Kestrel (Nelsen-Kellerman) that is not available.

Contacting Kestrel yields them to tell you to call Horus Vision, and Horus Vision will completely ignore you (even when you start out VERY polite).

Kestrel also does not have current software to support Windows 7, so if you plan on hooking up you device to a laptop for programming or reading data in the field, forget about it.

Horus Vision is supposed to have a software for the 4500NV ATRAG with Blue Tooth (and I assume serial coms), but this "Gun Library" software does not exist [though it's listed in the manual for the unit].

Basically, I would consider avoiding this product if you plan on using it for more than 5 gun and/or proprogrammed batches of ammo. (I chrono all batches of ammo... So using 5 buttons on the 4500NV isn't really helpful.)

According to the documention, the Gun Library software is supposed to support MORE than 5 guns... (50)

A disappointing purchase for the intended use to be sure.

(What worse is that I was looking at this for a third party that was going to purchase about a hundred or so [extra $$$ in the budget that needed to be used], and they poopoo'ed that idea the moment we couldn't get support... and you should NEVER need to use a DoD or LE affiliation to get a response!)

If you are hunting, buy one without BT and save the cash.

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