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Kansas Turkey Lease

Guys -

This is a cut and paste for a buddy of mine... he knows this property and of course, you would have to check it out... but I know this guy and he is a straight arrow.

If you are interested, give me a call and I will hook the two of you together.

I know $1000 is a lot but turkey hunters are crazy anyway.




North Central Kansas close to Culver in Saline county. 200 acres with creek and lots of timber on both sides run the length of property. Rest is in food plots and prairie grass. Advertising this for a friend. I have personally hunted property for Turkeys. There are tons of birds. Called in 30 Rio Grande Gobblers in one mornings hunt. Owner wants no more than 4 max. on lease and the price is $1000.00 total.
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So if I read it right, your

So if I read it right, your friend is advertising it for a friend?  I don't know much about leasing, but with four guys that is 250 each which doesn't sound too bad.

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