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Kansas deer/pheasant hunting


Just signed on.

I'm just starting to do the legwork for the 2006 deer season. Couple guys from Michigan would liek to deer hunt and also do some pheasant hunting but deer primarily. I'm just starting to look at the Walk-In program and was wondering what anybodies experience is with this "public" huntiing grounds?? Would like to stick close to central and east side(north or south) of Kansas as we would drive out. Looking to do-it-yourself type hunt as outfitter and lease fees are just too high. Looking to befriend a farmer/landowner and maybe make it an annual thing. We are more than willing to pay a daily fee but not outfitter-type fees. Also looking for place to stay and such. Any and all information appreciated or any references. Could be 2 guys or up to 6 maybe, all great sportsman and very respectful of property rights and of course safety!

Thanks, and I look forward to viewing this web site!


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se ks deer huntin

scott, i live in se kansas right close to some public hunting in the strip pits or coal pits, there is some terrific hunting in this area, and is a good area for trophy deer, if would like some help or would be interested in this area, let me know, always like to show people what se ks has to offer, i bow hunt and rifle hunt also and spend alot of time getting ready for season, there are motels within 10 miles of some real good hunting also.......dan

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