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Kansas Deer Hunt

We had TV Host Dave Poteat of Inside Outdoors TV & upcoming country singer Paul Bogart in camp for the first five days of the 2008 Kansas Rifle season. We hunted hard, had a lot of good laughs and ate great thanks to my wife Jennifer’s cooking.

The first night Dave and Paul arrived we made a quick scouting trip around some of the grounds we had available to hunt. The first place we checked we encountered a buck at two hundred yards. I quickly realized he was a buck that I had trail camera pictures of and had nicknamed Tower because of his 150 inch frame as only a nine pointer. Little did we know this was only the beginning to a great week of Kansas deer hunting.

Day 1

In the morning, Dave and Paul sat in a pop-up blind overlooking a Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) field that sat between a cut bean field and timber. The morning was action packed with lots of deer movement and a handful of shooters. Unfortunately, nothing traveled in range for a good shot.

That evening we moved them to another farm along the Arkansas River overlooking a winter wheat field. It wasn’t very long before deer started popping out from all directions. That evening over 50 were seen and one giant shooter was spotted but was too far for a good shot.

Day 2

To better Paul’s chances of taking a Kansas buck from the CRP field they sat the first morning, we moved them into a make-shift blind of fallen trees and CRP grass. To our dismay, they saw many deer but the shooters were still too far out of range.

That evening they stayed in the same blind and the deer action was amazing. A nice 135 inch, 8 pointer came in range but they chose not to shoot, instead hoping to connect on one of the bigger bucks they had seen earlier.

Day 3

Dave and Paul sat in the make-shift blind again hoping a big shooter would take a trail working its way into gun range. It did not take long for the action to pick up in all directions. Tower, the buck they saw on the scouting trip two days prior, even made an appearance to the CRP Field but still no big shooter came in range.

Later that evening, Dave and Paul moved to a different bean field on the same farm. This spot was much more inactive to what they had been seeing but they still saw quite a few does and had a nice 125 inch, 8 pointer come within bow range.

Day 4

After much debate, we put Dave & Paul back into the make-shift blind to see if Tower or another of the big shooters would come into range. That morning Tower made yet another visit and this time came within 324 yards but with the CRP being so tall, Paul didn’t feel comfortable taking the shot standing up. After hearing about the close encounter, I and another co-owner of our outfit, Zach created a platform to place in the CRP field that would raise Dave & Paul up about 3 feet and create a better shooting position. After the morning hunt we placed the platform in the CRP field, created a fence with pine trees and CRP grass to create cover for them.

That evening the newly constructed and newly named Inside Outdoors blind worked out to perfection. Around 4:15 a 140 plus, 8 pointer named Mr. Brow, because of his 6 inch brow tines which we had seen on trail cam pictures, walked into view. Paul was able to make his “second shot” count and put Mr. Brow on Kansas dirt.

Day 5

Dave was now up but only had a doe tag to fill since he already filled his buck tag during an earlier bow hunt in Kansas. With the number of does running around he was not going to have to work extremely hard to fill his tag. For this reason, we all agreed sleep would not be a bad idea since Paul had to head back to Tennessee on Monday to get in the studio to record some new songs he had written.

For Dave’s evening doe hunt they sat in a pop-up blind on our farm along the Arkansas River. He was hoping to use his bow to harvest his doe but it was close to the end of shooting time so he picked up a rifle and chose one of the 40 does sill on the field and dropped the hammer.

I truly had a great time with Dave and Paul over these past five days. We saw a plethora of deer and had some great laughs. I can’t wait to hunt again with them or just sit down to dinner and catch up. Most of all, I look forward to seeing the episode of Paul’s Kansas buck hunt on Inside Outdoors TV which is premiering their 3rd season and it launches the 30th of December at 8pm ET / 7pm CT!

Brandon Wilmoth

Above I had written up some information on one of our last hunts. I removed our name from the article because I'm still trying to get BigGameHunt link on our webpage and I don't want to upset anyone about not having the link. The BGH link should be on our updated webapge next week. Hope you all enjoyed the story. Take care and happy hunting.

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Kansas Deer Hunt

Good solid nine pointer Great buck

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Kansas Deer Hunt

That's an awesome 9. Thumbs up

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Re: Kansas Deer Hunt
Racks&Quacks wrote:
That morning Tower made yet another visit and this time came within 324 yards but with the CRP being so tall, Paul didn’t feel comfortable taking the shot standing up. After hearing about the close encounter,

I'm glad you guys had success but being bow hunter this made me laugh. A 324 yard close encounter? Funny.