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Kaibab Hunters?

Anyone headed to 12A east or West for the archery deer hunt? I used to go every year, but have been unable for the last 5 to make it. Just wanted to see anyone had some success the last few years and any thoughts on you think the herd is doing up there i.e., seeing many mature bucks.

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Kaibab Hunters?

Deer are awesome this year. We have seen lots of 30" bucks this past two weeks. Not all in the area you described but on the strip. The horn growth this year has been unreal.. unfortunately I won't be hunting there because I got area 10 archery tag for elk but they are there.. Just stay away from the main water and tanks where all the people are..

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Kaibab Hunters?

Yep, go every year for the last five. Hunt the East mainly during archery. My partner takes a buck every year. I took a nice 3x3 a couple of years ago. Found an awesome 5x5 that some dumb [email protected]% shot last year and did not bother looking for it. Of course AZGFD has it now. See awesome bucks up there every year. Getting them close enough to shoot is the fun part or the hard part. Maybe I will see ya up there.

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