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Kaibab Archery Deer

Did the Kaibab, AZ hunt again this year. Hunting was hard and it seems the herd is getting significantly smaller each year. I saw very few mature bucks and more suprisingly, very few little ones as well. This 3x2 was the first and only deer I was able to draw on and I took him at 55 yds on my last morning. So it looks like I am still Dreamin of 30 in....

I posted this in the mule deer forum as well, but I wanted to make sure my southwest folks weren't forgotten.

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Kaibab Archery Deer

Hi there, I hunt the Kiabab every year. And, yes the deer population has decreased significantly. I believe this is due to the continued doe slaughter. AZGFD states there there is not enough winter browse to keep the herd fed. BS I say. I think thay want the deer population down to keep the bucks in hiding to get bigger. I also know that a lot of deer taken there is from road hunters and water holers. The big ones don't show themselves very often at either place. Now I hunt water holes and have seen some awesome deer. But I have seen better deer in the canyons. But that requires hours of walking and glassing. Good luck and maybe I will see ya there next year.

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