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Just so you all know

The men that performed the very difficult flying involved with the Bin Laden mission are members of a very elite group of aviators. Nope, you'll not hear me mention their names nor their units, I'll leave that to the F'n idiot newspeople to perhaps compromise their security....

These fine men go through training such that you might not even imagine. They perform missions that might seem completely impossible to you. How do they do it? They do it with dedication, training and effort. These men perform missions on a daily basis that would make you wonder if they really are simply human. To ride in an aircraft with them would result in you peeing your trousers...

I sleep better at night knowing that I've personally known some of these very fine people and what they do for all of us. I want you to feel that way as well... I only want to ask you all to try and understand that the men who perform these difficult missions, whether Navy or Army, in peace or in war-time do it for you. Please never, ever forget that.

I feel blessed that some of my life involved me with these very heroic and fine men. I want you all to think, later tonight when you lie down to sleep, about the things they've done for you. Even if you're not exactly sure, just what it was....



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I pray that all of Gods

I pray that all of Gods blessing with fall down upon our brave troops that do more in 2 hours than most americans do in a day. Being thankful for their duty does not come close to how I feel.

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Good post TN.  While I don't

Good post TN.  While I don't know anyone that personally participated in the mission, San Diego is a huge military town, and home to the SEAL's training facility.  There is tons of support for the military here, and we're all appreciative of what they do.


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glad to hear

I am glad to hear that all our men came home intact.  I am not sorry that any enemy of our people has been killed but I don't know as we should rejoice in anyone's death.  Let us rejoice instead in the safe return of those who protect us and the increased safety we all have as a result.


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