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Jim Shockey in Peru

I watched an episode of Jim Shockey this morning and he had the chance to be one of the first international people to hunt in Peru. The terrain was pretty amazing but I was shocked to watch him shoot a ferrel bull (cattle) at 15'000'+. It was sort of anti climatic to watch. I mean, it was a wild animal in all respects and he worked his butt off with very little oxygen, but to me it was just a cow. Kinda strange to me that what we take for granted as a domesticated animal, others hunt for pleasure.

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 I remember reading in a gun

 I remember reading in a gun magazine along time ago (like back in the 70's) about guys hunting feral bulls in I think south Texas - some coastal area. They were hunting in thick marsh grass and cane & shots were CLOSE on big, bad tempered bulls. I keep thinking that the story was by or had Finn Aggard in it as a hunter & he equated the hunting as similar to buffalo hunting he did in Kenya before they abolished hunting & he left for Texas. The bulls were nasty enough & the habitat thick enough that .458's were the minimum caliber; the guy taking out hunters wouldn't go if a .375 was all that was to be used.

Anyway, like Shockey's hunt in Peru (saw it last night & the hunt looked brutal), being there and doing it is as much if not more of a trophy than the animal itself. Hell, look at mtn goats. The horns are not neccesarily overwhelming, the hide is ok if taken late enough in the season to fill out & I've never heard of anyone talking about how the meat is much more than edible but I'd still love to get a crack at one.

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Yeah, saw that.  No joy for

Yeah, saw that.  No joy for me in it......

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I've never heard of that. But

I've never heard of that. But anymore... nothing really surprises me. And when I met Jim Shockey at a hunting convention he was pretty rude. Not my favorite guy to watch on TV by a long shot.

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I dont think i'd do it, it

I dont think i'd do it, it just doesnt seem fun.

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Peru never was high on my

Peru never was high on my places to hunt wish list. 
After watching Shockey's show, Peru dropped off the list.

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To each his own I guess. I

To each his own I guess. I didnt see the show, but if a guy wants to go shoot a feral cow...have at it. There are many that travel to shoot feral pigs and have a blast doing it.


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I didn't see this episode and

I didn't see this episode and have no desire at this time to shoot a feral cow or go to Peru for any other reason at this time.

But I think for a guy like him it comes down to trying something he has not done yet. I know that's something that factors quite a bit into all my plans now. I have my standard hunts that I will never give up but at the same time am always willing to try a new adventure.

That and if someone else was paying for my trip I am sure I would get on the plane tomorrow.Yes


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I did a hunt for a wild

I did a hunt for a wild longhorn in Nevada back in the late 70's and the hunt itself would be very close to some of the elk hunts that I have been on.  Between the terrain and the wariness of the animal it was quite a challenge to get close enough for a good shot.  That and the meat was quite similar to an elk more than a grain feed beef. 

Hunting ferrel animals can be a lot of fun but the big problem is that you may have to pay the ranch or property owner to hunt on the land where the animal lives.  When I did my hunt in Nevada it was on BLM land so there was no problem there. 

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Jim Shockey in Peru

I've shot a couple ferrel cattle (scrb bulls) in Austrailia way out in Arnham lands. I was told they were left there in the 1800's by the British.  The PH's gave them a lot of respect and said they had been known to lay in ambush and take out horses under a rider....  I also met a Ph who shot one at 6 yards on a full charge after a client had put 2  300 mags in his chest..  That being said I don't usually show the photos to just anyone, since once on the ground it just looks like you killed a cow... I believe SCI has put them back in the record books though in the Wild Ox category..

Reguardless I enjoyed the Show from Puru! It looked like an unusual adventure and Jim always states that the adventure and cultural aspects are a big consideration when he chooses a hunt. That"s always what interestes me as well!



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Any with Shockey is worth watching.

This hunt and his Bongo hunt were a little out of the box for me, but you gotta love anything he does.

We've been fortunate to meet Jim, his family and some of his staff a couple times.  Anything, including this show gets a lot of thought and personal input from everyone involved.  His name is the big draw, but the people he surrounds himself with are fantastic as well.  He changed my whole attitude torward Muzzleloader Hunting around and my whole family enjoys it because of him.

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