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IT is that time of year again!!!

Ok, I am a newbie, and as stated earlier, this year will mark my FIRST TIME bear hunting.
I live in Norhtern Minnesota and I am seeing lots of folks looking for info. I am reading several Forums, and want to thank all of you experianced bear hunters for sharing your experiances with us new guys.
That being said, bait stations, up hill down hill, or level with shooting stand?
How much affect does wind direction (scent) have on bears when you are 16 feet in the air?
.280 Remington express?
What are regulations on using trees to build a crib if you are hunting on Federal Waterfowl Production Aera Land? can you use a chainsaw to cut logs, or do you have to use whatever you can find?
I'll post more questions tomorow.
Again, thanks for your input

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I live in canada so i would'nt know your hunting regulations down thier in the U.S but i know a couple things about bears its my third year and I've goten a bear each year so im doing something right and wind direction is always a factor there is certain scents that work awesome you should be able to find some in any hunting stores down there and my stand is about 15 feet up and they smell me still once in awhile when im not wearing scent cover but enough bait and enough waiting patiently will get you a big one. .280 rem headshot or lungshot bait stations it don't matter flat ground make sure your tree stand isnt level with the bait be above it quite a bit. Have a good time man.

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