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iPhone application for hunters?

anyone know anything about iPhone apps for hunters? Seems like there's a lot of games out there but I want something to track my waterfowl and deer hunts this season instead of scribbling each time in my hand written log/journal.

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Search the apps market for

Search the apps market for "hunting" you should be able to find some journaling apps specific to your hunts. I have a droid and it has several, so I'm assuming the iphone would as well.  There are hunt trip planners, journals, even apps with calls for waterfowl, predators, etc.

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I didn't even own a cell

I didn't even own a cell phone until about a year ago. These new gadgets amaze me. I miss the days of living in the stone age without a phone that everyone could track me down on.

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Check out IHuntJournal

Check out iHunt Journal. I was looking for a hunting journal app and this one is great. I wanted to also leave paper and pen behind and start keeping a digital journal. It is powerful and flexible. The designer is about to put out a new release with improvements for waterfowl hunters. You can even attach a picture of the hunt. Really cool. Also has gps location built in.

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