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Iowa DNR to Seek Listing As "Furbearer"

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Iowa DNR to Seek Listing As Furbearer

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I am Happy to see......

Iowa DNR has accepted the fact that the cougar has a rightful place in their ecosystem but disagree that they be listed as a furbearer. They are a big game animal and should be listed as such.

Once listed as a furbearer as time goes by they will then be able to use trapping as a method of harvest which I disagree with. I support trapping but not of such a large animal.

Trapping is non-discremetitive. They catch Toms, females juveniles and young. There is no way to sex a trap. If you get a female that is lactating caught in a leg hold or snare, who is gonna release that animal? You will essentially kill the female and all her young this way. Hound hunting is the only form of selective catch and release when hunting the cougar.

This is just an opinion and hopefully will not offend anyone.