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Interested in Hunting

i live in Canada and i came upon hunting a few days ago when i was watching Spike TV, they were showing men hunting dear. Now im into this sport and i would like to know how old do you have to be to start hunting?


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Interested in Hunting

Welcome to the board Kostiouk and I'm glad to hear your interested in hunting.

The legal hunting age varies widely depending on which province (or state) your hunting in. For instance in Colorado the minimum age for big game hunting is 12 and you must be with an adult of at least 18 years of age.

Your province will most likely require you pass a hunter education course as well. These are great way to learn about hunting, bow and firearm safety, and get to meet other hunters.

To get started I suggest checking out the regional page for your province here:


There are links on your specific regional page to the local Ministry of Wildlife or DNR for your province. By contacting them you'll be able to learn more about specific age requirements and regulations.

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Interested in Hunting

You do have to pass a hunter safety course. Check your province's Natural Resources web-site - they have all the info regarding hunting regs. If you're under 18 I'm 99% sure that you will have to be accompanied by a 18 or older hunter (for Federal Firearm Safety rules).

Here's the link for Sask hunting:

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