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Indiana firearms season

I hunted Indiana for the first time this season (first of many, I hope) and although I was somewhat familiar with their unusual firearms regs, I am still perhaps confused as to what the DNR is actually trying to accomplish. I do understand that old beliefs die hard and also that change can take time, a lot of time.

But what I'd like to ask is if some that hunt Indiana's gun season might share some of the choices you've made in a firearm that's legal to use there. I know the deal about using shotgun or muzzleloader, but when it comes to using a CF rifle of literally any caliber, as long as it's case "short" enough, there seems to be some pretty cool and powerful wildcats that are popular there.

Also, my Buddy happens to use a single shot pistol that is custom made and chambered in the .350 Rem mag. Any other exotic pistol calibers being used? I know there must be a good number that use an Encore in say 7/08, .308, .35 Rem and similar.

Thanks.  Big smile

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