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Illinois to Publish List of Gun Owners?

I just saw that the Illinois Attorney General is demanding that the State police publish the list of all firearm permit holders in the state. At this point, the police have refused, stating several reason as to why this would be a bad idea.

 Apparently, there is already a law on the books that bars the police from making the registry public, but that's not enough for AG Lisa Madigan, who has determined that it "must" be made public.

 Reresentative Ron Stephens (R) is pushing a bill that would make the publishing of the information illegal, except in the investigation of a criminal investigation.

 The NRA has said that they will do whatever they can to stop the AG's decision from being enforced.

  I pray that this action of the AG will be defeated. It would send a signal to every other state to follow suit. It is not only an infringement on personal rights, but could also endanger the lives and property of law-abiding gun owners everywhere.

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Usually things like this

Usually things like this don't get to far but it's scary that they keep trying. They have tried similar laws in other states with the most comon being to expose all the concealed permit holders. We have to watch and continue calling your representatives and let them know how you feel about these issues.

Only by being vigilant can we keep it from happening.

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sounds like an impeachment

It sounds like an impeachment is called for - if the attorney General is unwilling to obey the law they are unfit for duty and should be removed.      

Let's see that in a half dozen editorials in Chicago newspapers tomorrow!

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Man, I was just gonna post

Man, I was just gonna post this... lol

I can't believe that the Attorney General will not listen to the sound logic that is presented by the lawmakers.

It makes sense, as one says, that by publishing the list, you will also know who is NOT armed.

Idiots abound in Illinois, I guess (except any members we have here lol )