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Idaho Mtn Lion.........pics

I am new to this forum, but not new to hunting. Last week i killed my first Mtn Lion and the hunt was a blast!!!

I booked a trip 1 on 1 with Corey Daily of Little Lost Outfitters in Southeastern Idaho. I arrived on Dec 16 and the next day the hunt was on.

Day one revealed no tracks or sign, so we made plans to move to a hot spot the next day.

Day 2, showed us a fresh track at 10 am. We were running hounds, so we turned our 2 dogs loose and they struck the track right off. They got up into some rough country, so the guide and I separated in hopes the dogs would tree.

We were about 2 miles up into the canyon when the dog tree'd a Lion. It bailed right off but the dogs Re-Tree'd right away and the chase was on. I located the dogs at 3pm and had some rough country to cross. With the high elevation and rough walking, I met up with my guide and we found the tree'd Lion at about 5 pm.

The 30-06 made quick work of the Lion and it was all over. A fine 120 lb female Lion and the hunt of a lifetime.

I'd like to personally thank, Corey daily and Little Lost Outfitters for an awesome hunt and 2 class act hounds.

Hopefully the pics will post. Thank you and good hunting !!!

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Idaho Mtn Lion.........pics

Sounds like fun! How many hounds does he run?

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Idaho Mtn Lion.........pics

You already thanked them-you paid them thru the nose to guide you zeN

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