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Idaho Mandatory Harvest Reports

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Idaho Mandatory Harvest Reports

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Idaho Mandatory Harvest Reports

Dear Mod ... I'm not sure what you're looking for in the flavor of feedback - but I'm not against mandatory reporting. I report in with vigilance. The 10 days is a bit tight in some cases. Sometimes the drill at the counter purchasing a license when you get the flurry of questions about last years fowl hunting is a bit ridiculous - but big game reporting is fine by me.

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Idaho Mandatory Harvest Reports

I have no problem filling out these reports either.

I have heard of a few individuals who deliberately falsify these. Apparently this is to not give away their "top secret" hunting spot or the success they had there. It's unfortunate really - IDF&G doesn't need any more challenges to managing herds.

I've also seen a few anomolies in the reports that come from this data. For example, anterless animals taken in antered-only hunts, etc. Have always wondered if these were mistakes on the card, or in the field.

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