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Idaho Info???

Hesseu, Do not waste the $500.00. 36A had deer years ago, but has gone down hill the last 15 years or more. Very few bucks and mostly small. You would be better off spending the money on an elk tag in Idaho, or pick another area for deer! Good luck!

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Idaho Info???

for what its worth...I use to live in lemhi just south of salmon, I would suggest if you do end up hunting there to talk to some of the ranch owners. most of that area is cattle ranches and they know there ground. you'll have to talk to them to get permishion anyways.

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Idaho Info???

Swollen Tongue I was reading this post a it struck me very odd to hear you say that $500.oo was way to much to spend to have someone get you started in the right direction. I personally live on a average income and can't afford to pay a guide to go hunting every year when I want to hunt out of state. With the gas prices alone (3.30) a gal it would shoot my hunting funds right out of the water. To go scout a new area that was lets say 400 miles away. Round trip I would spend 500.00 with food. Don't get me wrong I love nothing better then to sit down at the computer and look at maps on places I would like to hunt. I live for DIY hunts I feel like it is a major feet to do it on your own, but that is not always possible for instance last year I hunted in Alaska for moose, I knew that I would not be able to afford 20,000.00 for a fully guided hunt nor would I pay someone that kind of money. Not even 2000.00. But I did pay a guy to get me started in the direction I needed to go. He gave me maps, a list of items I would need, what to expect, who to use to fly us in, and set us up the rafts and gear. Round trip from my house and back it only cost me $2,500.00 ( 4 people) As you can see the trip was well worth the extra 125.00 it cost and if anything its a peace of mind knowing that I was prepared for anything AK could dish out.

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Idaho Info???

first of all it is not illegal to offer this kind of service. i was wrong in saying it was. I was talking about Idaho, not Alaska. Alaska is a whole different ballgame...........enough said.

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