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idaho hunt unit 17 need advice

Planning a trip to unit 17 in idaho. It will be self guided. Will be after bear, mountain lion, and wolf. Never been that far west and this will be my first big game trip. Tentative plan is to put in at the tin cup lake trail area on the Montana side. It is about a 4.5 mile hike west and slightly south to where the granite creek feeds 4 small lakes. This is where I would like to set up camp. Elevation is around 6400 to 6600 in that area. This area is easy to find on the map, google earth does a great job. Does elevation come in to play? Will I be far enough away from the beaten path to have a good chance at results? What game should I expect from a area like that? Just looking for info and advice. I am really wanting to harvest a bear on this trip!

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Brett, I will also be hunting


I will also be hunting Unit 17 this year. I'm heading up North on the 29TH of August. What are the dates you will be up there?

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