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Idaho Bighorn Tag Sells for $180,000

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Idaho Bighorn Tag Sells for $180,000

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Idaho Bighorn Tag Sells for $180,000

We covered this topic before quite awhile ago. IMO this is like letting your son spend nights with Michael Jackson because he pays so well. Sure, you're getting dollars for conservation, but you're also taking the resource you're trying to protect and prostituting it to the highest bidder. This isn't Europe, and we shouldn't be setting aside choice privileges for royalty.

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Idaho Bighorn Tag Sells for $180,000

That makes the $40,000 for the North Dakota bighorn sound like a bargain.
A guy from Minnesota bought it.

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Idaho Bighorn Tag Sells for $180,000

the tag was bought by a local business man. I think it is a good thing, you can still put in for a unit 11 tag and i will be buying some lottery tickets for this years lottery for unit 11. Hey if it helps idaho sheep and someone is willing to pay that much money for one tag, what the heck. i am no longer eligible to apply for sheep in idaho, so the lottery tag is my only shot at this unit. Big smile


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