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I typically take shots from...

May 2003 Poll:

I typically take shots from...

The poll this month looks at typical shot distance taken by hunters.

Clearly this depends on the game, your weapon of choice, the region you hunt, skill, and luck. So feel free to share your strategies based on your preferred hunting method.

For those that use the metric system, 10 yards is a little over 9 meters.

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I typically take shots from...

"I can't see it but I'm sure I can hit it!!"

Hunter's should be comfortable with their gun before attempting a 200+ yard shot on a live animal. I firmly believe, with some skill and the proper gun, it should only take a person one, well placed, shot to bring down their Deer or Elk...

I'm sure everyone has been out scouting during hunting season and heard a group of hunters or an individual unleash enough bullets to bring down a full grown Asian Elephant, or, have been out with your hunting partner, when he/she, completely misses the prey's vital organs and blows off the animals leg or jaw..

This is a complete disrespect for your prey, a waste of bullets, and a disturbance to other surrounding hunters.

So for all those folks that only shoot their guns during the hunting season... Take some time before the big hunt, make sure the sights are on, shake out the rust, and see if you can nail some bowling pins!! It'll make all the difference in the world and will seperate the avid hunter for the newbie!!

Never take life to seriously... You'll never get out alive!!

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I typically take shots from...

I usually like to take shots as close as possible, but will take long shots if necessary. When pushing 200+ yards, I will only take the shot if the game is standing broad side and I have a good rest for setting up to take the shot.

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