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I screwed up!

This morning i went back to a spot were last year there was a large group af turkeys at least 5 strutting toms. we got one out of there last year. The stay around there for acouple of years. so inbetween turkey season i wasn't really scouting them. I went up this morning.OH god the dnr started logging fest didnt see a singal sign of the turkeys. I figure they are long gone. i have three weeks to find them. Brick Wall,) Brick Wall,) Brick Wall,)

well i am going claming right now so tommarow i am going to try another area where there is a small flock.

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I screwed up!

good luck

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I screwed up!

I had a screw up yesterday Brick Wall,) I think we all have 'em. That's how we learn.
Hunted a night spot after taking a bird in the morning, and had hens all around me the whole time. Kept trying to get a tom to sound off, but couldn't get one to gobble, started thinking they weren't around. Finally after couple hours I heard one gobble a long ways off, 15 minutes later he gobbled again this time much closer and he had another with him, I knew they were coming. Then no more gobbles.
It was getting almost sun down, the hens were roosting and I basically figured the toms had given up so I just started to gather my stuff and bam, busted, there they were right next to me Brick Wall,) Iearned my lesson for the day Oops!

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I screwed up!

My daughter missed her first shot on a turkey this morning. Then we flushed another and it flew broadside about 30 yds away but she didn't shoot. When I asked her why she didn't shoot she said "I didn't know I could" She must have thought the bird would be standing on the ground Thumbs up

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I screwed up!

Thats too bad...but always a thrill!!!!

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