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I need some help with a Hoyt bow.

When toghtening/loosening the Hoyt Vulcan do you need to adjust the two smaller screws on either side of the limbs or just the main larger screw in the middle?

Or am I going about this the wrong way enitrely?
Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated

I've attached a photo of a similar Hoyt model


*I Believe That The Picture Is Of A Hoyt Katera.*

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I need some help with a Hoyt bow.

Just a half crank to losen the slide screws up a smidge is all you need. Those are primarily there for limb pocket protection is about it... Dont go running them out. Just a half turn out to losen them up for adjusting then tighten them back down after you adjust limb tension.

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limb bolts

Be sure to loosen the two locking bolts on each end of the riser slightly before tightening or loosening the limb bolts to avoid problems.

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