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i need help luger rifle

hi everyone  my name is eugene hughes from ireland

i have a luger rifie in .22mag around 3 year now (it was new)
does anyone here have any info on luger's rifles can't find anything online about this rifle also on the side rifle is KETT (luger kett) pls help

make: is luger its on the side of the gun and on my firearm cert

model: is kett serial number: 011402

caliber: .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire

  the shop  that sold it: Landers Outdoor World their website is http://www.landers.ie/ their are ireland co. kerry tralee

also its a Bolt action

i have try for info  on .17hmr.net and yahoo ans..

but no could tell me anything about this rifle!  Cry baby

if ye what pic i can put them on it will only moblie phone (cell phone) i have no cam

the rifle cost 550 euro   thanks any info would be great    ::help1  Help!   Help!

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It is interesting in that

It is interesting in that there isn't any information on the internet for your rifle except for referencing back to you and your search.  Is is possible that the rifle is a store brand type of rifle?  I know that here in the states years ago just about all the popular hardware/catalog stores would carry a store name brand patictular to that store witch was manufactured by a independend firearm manufacture.  You may also want to contact the store where it was purchased and see if they can give you any history on it or possibly where they buy their stock from.  At least that may be a start for you. 

Good luck on your search.