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Hypothetical Situation

Theres actualy a place in Montana at one of the watersheds that when the bears hear a gun shot they think it's a dinner bell. But back to the question---Ifs it's a very unique bear then unique up on him and make you best impression of a salmon swiming upstream.[everyone knows that bear love salmon] you just have to know that you can out run the person your with.

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Hypothetical Situation

my luk id try and scare him off,that wouldnt wwork ,and with nobody else around(just my luck) after shooting the bear hed fall out of truck,so now id still have to pik him back up and put in truck.at least wouldnt have to go far.

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Hypothetical Situation

Big Bore - you made me laugh out loud! That was great. Problem is, my boss thinks I'm working and now she knows I'm not... gotta go!


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Hypothetical Situation

Hypothetically: Bang!

Realistically: Bang, Thud!

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Hypothetical Situation


Shoot the bear and go to jail for baiting.

Let the bear have the elk and go to jail for wasting a game animal.

I agree with redrebel66. Send in the PETA activist to take the meat away from the bear before the poor bear suffers irreparable damage from eating it. Once the activist has the bear's undivided attention, you can shoot him (the bear) as soon as you determine that he has become a threat to human life -- say, 15-20 minutes. That way, you're not baiting, the nuisance issue is clearly defined, and you get to keep your elk.

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Hypothetical Situation

What would you do if the PETA activist was in the back of your truck with the elk when you got back? No, he (activist) was not part of the bag limit!

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