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Alright fellas heres a brain buster Brick Wall,) . I hunt in a very wooded area where a 50 yd shot is pushin it to the max. I was wondering which gun should use. I have a .45 muzzleloader, 12ga, 30-06, 308. I was kind of skeptical of using either .30 cals since they have in the past proven to not be very good choices(MEAT DAMAGE). I was maybe thinking of using slugs out of my 12ga, or maybe even the smoke stick. I'm stuck eye roll. I want to use my .06 since I have yet to kill a deer with it but dont want meat damage. My 12ga does not have a rifled barrell(STILL GOOD OUT TO 50YDS)

Captain O whats your opinion?

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Hunting Suggestions

a 12 guage slug should do just as much damage as your -06,if not more.If 50 yards is your max then I would go with the ML make it a bit more challenging.

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I've got a 30-06 single shot that I like to load with 220's at 2300fps. Works for all deer, elk, bear. Big bullet at a modest velocity.
We have quite a bit of heavy brush. I've heard of very, very few that have used a slug but know of several that take out the smoke pole.

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I agree!

Use heavy for caliber bullets for short ranges in dense cover.


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check this out alphaman this might help you make your decision and its

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