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Is hunting a sport? (July 2004 Poll)

Here! Here! I agree with the above. Sports are sports. Hunting is Hunting!

There doesn't need to be another description! As far as everyone's descriptions of hunting! Good Job!

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Is hunting a sport? (July 2004 Poll)

How dose the old saying go?

"It's all fun and games till' someone looses an eye" Wink

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Is hunting a sport? (July 2004 Poll)

The posts suggest I'm in the minority here, but the poll says otherwise. We're an increasingly small percentage of the population, and America is becoming increasingly urban. Take a drive through the Midwest and see what's happening to Small Town America. Our way of life is slipping further and further away from the mainstream. If we refuse to compromise and accept terminology that the mainstream understands, we're doomed.

Although the term isn't all encompassing, I'd allow that it does, in some respects, describe what we do. And frankly, I think sitting around a campfire telling stories of hunts in the past is pretty darned entertaining.

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Is hunting a sport? (July 2004 Poll)

At first I was going to say "No, it is not a sport." Then I started thinking. I have been losing weight and training since June for a hunt/scouting trip in October. I run three times a week and work with weights five times a week . . . to prepare for a high mountain backpacking/scouting trip. I am in better shape for this trip than 15 years ago when I played tennis pretty often.

The sport makes physical demands on the hunter -- at least some manifestations of the sport. Road hunting for deer in Wisconsin, maybe not; hunting for Elk in a wilderness area at 11,000', definitely. The sport has rules or codes of behavior, it is stylized (I say this because I think this is true of most sports -- I can't climb on my teammates back and stuff the basketball into the hoop).