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Hunting shows

I found a the pursuit network and have been watching a lot of shows. I was just wondering if I am alone in only seeing shows where the game is being fed and 90% of the harvested game is shot out of a ground blind. I have never created a food plot to go hunting. Maybe I am alone but I would not call something a trophy that has just had its halter taken off so I could harvest it. Anyone else find this disturbing?

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Interesting question !!!!!


I watch most of the hunting shows out there and have to agree with you on them growing food plots and setting out bait to grow and kill bigger deer. Here in Colorado you cannot bait anything anymore (we use to be able to bait bears). My dad has recently got a satellite dish and can now watch these hunting shows and complains about this to me all the time and also says that these types of hunts the animals should not be allowed to be in the Boone and Crocket and Pope and Young books.

This is the way I see though..... We as hunters are seperated by many things and that will be the down fall of hunting. No matter how we all hunt, as long as it is legal where you hunt, we need to stick together to remain strong enough to fight the antis.

Also the word "ethics" is another step back in the wrong direction. It is thrown out there all the time by the people on these hunting shows and any hunting forum out there. Is ethics a good thing .... YES, but the way it is used is just BS on telling someone your take on ethics is wrong.

I hope I am not getting off your topic, but we all need to stick together as long as it is hunting. If we don't like the type of hunting that we here about in magazines, books, and tv shows we can voice our opinions and talk about these things, but we should not seperate ourselves.

As far as calling something a trophy... Everything I have ever pulled the trigger on or released a string at is a trophy for me. As I said before we can express our opinions and discuss such things, but we must not divide ourselves because of the way we all hunt.


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TV Hunts

I don't watch any of them anymore, most of them are in high fence areas, and that just isn't hunt to me. i have nothing against food plots, as long as it isn't high fenced.


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I watch these shows all the

I watch these shows all the time as they are much better than most of the stuff on tv these days. I agree in that this is not the way I hunt but as Quinton said it's mostly not legal in Colorado. It's hard to say how I would be hunting if I grew up somewhere else. If it's legal than I have no problem with it it just may not be for me. I have no interest at all in the high fence hunts but I know others do. You could take this question to the extreme and say nothing on private land should qualify as those animals don't get the same pressure as public land animals do therefore they are easier. I don't believe that statement by the way but I know of some who do, it's just difficult to draw the line. So again if no laws are broken I have no problem with how others hunt.

I have been criticized for taking a mountain lion with the use of dogs. No problem for me but others think it's wrong.


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I have personally given up on

I have personally given up on just about all of the hunting shows on TV now days.  As you say when you are watching them they all just about look like a caned hunt over bait but then that could be the way that you need to hunt white tails.  Even some of the hunts that I have seen for elk really haven't been that good but what can you put into a 30 minute show? 

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I have pretty much stopped

I have pretty much stopped watching most of the shows as there are way to may shows anyway.  I musually watch them to see some of the new products via the commericals.  I do like to watch Eastmans Hunting TV as they do mostly public land DIY hunts.  Thye thing that gets me about alot of the shows is that this crews travel to some really great hunting spots and that most of us would not be able to afford alot of these hunts.  I would really like to see some of the PRO hunters go out and hunt the same land we do day in and day out and see how they far...especially out west were we do not have alot of public land to hunt especially when it comes to whitetails and if there is a good section of public land it is hunted very hard.

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I actually don't necessarily

I actually don't necessarily have a problem with the food plot thing, as long as they are large enough, and not fenced in. 

Heck, if it's a 5 acre plot, that deer could come into and leave from anywhere in those 5 acres, and you are not ever guaranteed a shot.  Plus, you may take only a deer or 2 off of that plot, but you can have dozens of deer that can benefit from it.  That could be the last little boost that the herd needs to get through a tough winter.

However, if you set up a feeder, a bait pile, etc., then I have a problem with that.  Kinda like the shows in Texas where the feeder kicks on, and the deer start coming out of the woodwork to eat.  It's like Pavlov ringing the dinner bell.

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Thanks for all the greats

Thanks for all the greats comments. I am glad to see the diversity in replies. I grew up hunting public and private land. I have hunted a lot of whitetail and have harvested a lot off of alfalfa fields, I guess you could call that a food plot, but i dont open a bag and spread it around at exactly 100 yards. On the same note I work my tail off on public, and block management every year for Elk, Muleys, and bear. I cannot stand the high fence areas, up here we call that the zoo. I do enjoy watching the kids and women programs that some of the professionals have put together, any way that we (outdoorsman) can spread our love for the experience is good in my book.

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