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Hunting Rights on Private Land

I am trying to determine what hunting rights on private land are worth. The rights are for access only (no guide, transportation, lodging, etc) on about 7,000 acres of good elk habitat in eastern Oregon. Interior road access is limited and no off road vehicles are allowed. The rights continue forever and may be transferred or sold. Personal guests are allowed with the right holder, but no fee hunting would be permitted. There are 3 such rights available, but the landowner also has the right to hunt and even can run his own fee hunting operation -- in other words, the 3 rights are not exclusive.

What are they worth? I'd be interested in your thoughts. Thanks.

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Hunting Rights on Private Land

If they are not exscusive,and allow you the right to bring along as many friends as you wish you are better off paying a daily or weekly fee.Whats the point of leasing the hunting rights when the owner could be outfitting the same piece of property?

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