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Hunting rights in danger!

After sitting on the sidelines way too long, it is time for me to start to speak against what I see as the most serious existing threat to our hunting rights, at least in the west. Judge Malloy in Missoula, MT put the wolves back on the endangered species act a couple weeks ago. There were 13 animal rights and environmental organizations that filed the suit and it was led by the National Resources Defense Council. After listening to their representative speaking in a NPR interview downplay and side step the issue of our declining elk and deer populations due to wolf predation I went to their website (http://switchboard.nrdc.org/blogs/mskoglund/breaking_news_northern_rocki...) where they have a blog about the wolf decision and I expressed my concern for the impact the wolves are having on the elk and deer. As could be expected I was pretty well flamed as a "crazy hunter" making ridiculous statements, however a couple of folks did post positive and supportive responses to my comments. I am writing this in the hopes of bringing awareness to all hunting groups and hunters everywhere that these groups primary goal is to end hunting, I firmly believe the wolf is just a tool to that end. The comments I've read on some of these organizations sites are frightening to me. They are willing to sacrifice the elk and deer, if the wolves kill them off until there is no longer a huntable population, what do you think will happen?? These groups are well funded(NRDC has about $100 million in the bank), well connected politically, armed with legions of smart savvy lawyers, and as fervent as a religious zealot in their beliefs. I encourage all of you to start paying attention to their activities, speak up, post on their blogs, let them know that we won't accept their forcing of their opinions upon us, make them stick to facts and not just the ones that support their position. Most of all let them know we will not accept the taking away of our hunting rights!!


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Nothing new

Our hunting rights have been in danger since PETA and GreenPeace came into existence.  The best way to counter this is to do what you are doing.  Also be careful who you vote for in every election.  Another thing and this is a big one - get as many youngsters involved or at least interested in hunting and fishing as you can.  Counter balance the anti-hunting "vegan" philosophy that's being forced upon our youth in schools.  Our kids are not being taught how to choose or how to think, they are being told what to think and what to choose by the left.


The problem is that everyone wants to fight the fire once it's become an inferno instead of preventing the fire to begin with.  What I mean is that we need to save our hunting priveledges by starting at the root of the problem.  For too many years and a couple generations now our young people have been indoctrinated to think of hunting as evil and meat eating as being wrong and bad.  That started years ago while the vast majority of sportsman sat on thier ass and did nothing to counter act that view and philosophy.  All in the past now I suppose, but all we can do is react now when we should have been proactive to begin with. 

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