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Hunting in the rain

Opening day is tomorrow.  Can'thunt til Friday, due to work.  Supposed to be windy, rain/snow all weekend.

I'm looking for you best strategy for this weather.

In the past, I've waited it out in the car, and as soon as the crap stopped falling, I headed back out...tried to get the birds coming back to the fields.

Thanks in advance.


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This last weekend I left my

This last weekend I left my house in a rain storm and drove through rain and snow to my turkey hunting spot.  We hiked in through rain and sleet and set up the decoys in the rain.  Less than a hour later we had two turkeys down on the ground, so I hope that answers your question.  The birds were moving all morning in the rain and sleet and if we hadn't moved to the location that we got them in we quite possibly would of missed them.  It was cold and miserable but if you are where they are at and the weather clears up then your chances are a lot better than if you are sitting in a vehicle waiting for it to clear and then having to hike into the area.

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Last spring, my brother and I

Last spring, my brother and I were successful on two mature toms in windy conditions.  The turkeys were basically silent for our two days of hunting, but I believe the wind muffled our movement, allowing us to sneak up on some nice birds.  As for the rain/snow conditions, I think that is more up to you as to what you want out of your hunt.  The birds will still be living in the area somewhere. 

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From my experience and what I

From my experience and what I have heard from other hunters, when it is raining it is a great time to catch turkeys out in the open fields.

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A few years back while

A few years back while hunting in Nebraska we hunted in a rain storm.  Now is was not raning real hard but steady, and we saw all sorts of birds out and moving around.  They like to eat all sorts of bugs and such so it's like the rain bring out more food for them.  Now if the rain was pouring down in buckets or attached with alot of thunder I think the results may be a little different.  I like hunting all game in the rain...muffles your sound by getting the ground wet and you can do some serious stalking.

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Hunting in the rain

Here's my story of the weekend...

Got in some scouting Thursday night.  40 degrees, 25-30 MPH wind, cloudy.  Heard nothing to "Put to bed".

Friday.  Cloudy & windy (25-30 mph) all day.  Saw a pair @ 7:15 AM - SPRINTED across the field.  Saw thothing, heard nothing rest of the day.  Hunted til 4:00, when the rain started.

Saturday. Woke up @ 4:30 to rain & strong wind.  Went back to sleep until 7:30, awoke to SNOW.  Walked from 8:00 til 12:30.  Only crossed 2 sets of tracks.  Went back out @ 4:30.  Saw a small flock in a cow pasture.  Tried to cut them off, but JUST missed them.

Sunday.  Clear, cold (30 degrees) still very windy.  Saw nothing from opeing til 8:30.  Took a walk towards the pasture. Saw 2 hens and a tom about 100 yards up the pines.  Scotted thur, trying to cut them off.  Missed again...saw them about 60 yards ahead, walking into private land.

I gave it a good try, despite the weather.  It was the worst turkey hunting weekend in years.

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Birds will move in rain and

Birds will move in rain and snow. But they seem to like fields to keep an eye open

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