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Hunting on public land

Guys I live in Summit County and I am looking for a few doe to fill my freezer before the long winter sets in.  I was on the MyHuntingLands web site but didn't see any land in Summit County.  Is there public land to hunt on here?  I love to archery hunt and the maps from MyHuntingLands are great but not where I want to hunt now.  If you have any input please let me know.  The freezer is alomst empty.



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You might want to let us know

You might want to let us know what state you are located in.  Summit County Colorado had a lot of public land such as all the national forest land but a lot of the deer this time of year are on private property.  Summit County Utah also has a lot of public land and like wise the deer move to lower ground and the private property. 

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Public land locator

If you call your state department of Fish and Wildlife (aka Environmental Conservation, etc.) they will often have maps either available or readily online.  Here in NY we actually have a few places designated as not only public access land but "Public Hunting Area"


Just make sure that you where plenty of blaze orange because you don't know who else might be in there!


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Never heard of the

Never heard of the Myhuntinglands site?  Has anyone ever used it?

I know some states put out info on public land to assist the hunters.

Other states, like Nebraska, also have agreements with private landowners to open their land to the public for the purpose of knocking down the deer herd.

As was said, I'd contact your Fish and Game, wherever it is that you live.

Good Luck!

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