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Hunting Outfitters near Calgary

I'm new to Calgary and would love to find an outfitter/guide who does hunts for deer for a reasonable price. I've only found 3-6 thousand USD trips by wandering around looking for websites (which I can't even dream of affording...new baby in the house). I'd really appreciate any advice about finding a one day hunt outfitter within a few hours of Calgary, or even any areas where someone could hunt where the land is public.
Thanks. Luke.

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Hunting Outfitters near Calgary

Hi Luke. I have moved your post to the "wanted" section, so that any outfitters browsing the site looking for potential customers will see it. A "copy" has been left in the W Canada forum as well, but all replies will appear here.

Good luck.

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Hunting Outfitters near Calgary

I outfit close to Calgary. We have good rates for Res hunters.