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Hunting in Ohio

My husband is interested in going to Ohio next year to hunt whitetail deer. He has a friend that went to Muskingum County and hunted on a management area, I believe. I would like some help on where the best places are to go whether it be Muskingum County or somewhere else. We are not sure. Also are you able to shoot a crossbow, I would like to be able to go with him, but due to a shoulder injury I can only shoot a crossbow. Please give me some tips and thanks in advance.

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Hunting in Ohio

hi tresa im from muskingum county today starts muzzle loadeing season but there is good hunting here you can use a cross bow with a min draw wieght of 75lbs and a max of 200lbs there are many places to hunt your best chance is to come down and ask a few people for permison my buddy took a giant 13 pointer and i have my eye on a 14 and 10 pointers i took a nice doe dduring shot gun if you need any more info email me at [email protected] well good luck