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Hunting in Nebraska

Where has every one else had there luck hunting Whitetail deer? Where would be the best place to set a stand?, like what kind of food plot is best for harvesting a large buck?, what part of the nebraska is in your thought the best place to hunt whitetail?

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Alot of good questions

Alot of good questions there.  Are you unfamiliar with hunting in general, or just whitetail?  The eastern part of Nebraska has an incredible deer population, and would be a good plce to start.  There are some state recreation areas that are open to the public, but are heavily hunted during the rifle season.  If you live in the area and want to get some private land, you have to pound the pavement.  Alot of the farmers lease out their land to hunters, so you may have to visit 50 places before you get a "yes" when asking for permission.  But, it only takes one "yes" to make your year... Wink Here is an online guide that fish and game put together for public hunting.


During the recent one week rifle season, they released news yesterday that they killed 63,000 deer.  They also have an unlimited doe season in October, cause they can't keep ahead of their deer herd. 

As for food plots.  well, Thern is plenty of corn in Nebraska, along with any other type of crop out there that is commercially grown.  And for stand placement, it depends on what season you are hunting.  For archery, in early season, I would put yourself at the edge of a field, or locate a funnel near the food source, and set-up about 15-20 yards away from an active deer trail.  In the early season, the deer are still relatively easy to pattern in the sense they will be hitting the crops nightly.  The only problem you will run in to in the early season is that the main crop, corn, is still standing.  I know there were plenty of Nebraskans complaining that they left the corn standing really late this year.

If you need more specific info, you can PM me and I will direct you to a Nebraska forum that I have found really helpful.  I am trying to get a job there, and live 1500 miles away, but I already have a good lay of the land, and an open invite to hunt a farn there.  Good Luck!!!

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