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hunting mountain lions without dogs

i am new to nevada and i was wondering if anyone can give me advice on hunting lions without dogs.

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hunting mountain lions without dogs

yeah i can help you out. we cant use dogs here in Washington so i use predator calls. cats are a little slower to come into the call but they come in. i use a fawn disstres and high pitch rodent skwalls and bird noises any thing highpitch will bring them in ushely.Be very camoed up because a cat can pick you out from hundreds of yeards away. you dont really have to worry about the wind cats cant smell very good. i dont know the game law in nevada so check if you can use a E-call i have the foxpro gamecaller and its the best out there alittle expencive but it works really good you might want to look into a gamecaller if you really want to start calling alot it saves alot breath. Mouth calls are good also dont get me wrong i use them too. if you have any more qustions just ask.

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