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Hunting for Moose in 7-40 ?

Hi everyone.

I was lucky enough to get a LEH for Bull Moose in Region 7-40 this year, this was my second choice. The only problem is I do not know this aera at all. I was wondering if anyone has hunted this area before? and if so can you answer a few questions?

1) Can you get to any area's by truck? or do you have to fly in?.

2) Can you hunt the area on your own? or do you have to have a guide?

3) If you have to have a guide, does anyone know of a good guide they have used in the past?

Any info would be great. Thank You in advance


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area 7-40

There are 2 fingers you have to x,,one is the omineca arm,,that is the first one you come to,,the secount one near the end of williston lake is ingenika arm,,that is right on the boarder of 7-40,,you will have to find out if there are brieges acros the 2 ???? i see on my area map that it looks like a ferrie goes across the first inlet and a briedge across the northen inlet,,the road goes well into the region 7-40 don't no if you can cross the 2 chanales,,you will have to find this out,,good luck wayne.

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