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Hunting Lions without Dogs?

Any suggestions on hunting lions without dogs. We just bought some land in area 20 of Colorado. I saw a lion about 20 yards from the house. The neighbor has found at least 4 deer kills from lions. I would like to thin them out.



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Hunting Lions without Dogs?

I don't know how successful you will be trying to call them. I have lived in Utah my whole life, and I have only seen two lions without the aid of my good old hound dawgs. I'm sure the situation is different where you are at. I know there is a good chance you could get them to respond to a call, but as cats are they are silent and stealthy, and I can almost bet that if they sense that anything is out of normal you'll never even know they are there, and they'll be gone. Try it, what are you out? hunting is always fun.


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Hunting Lions without Dogs?

your only chance without dogs is just dumbluck,being there when hes in the right spot,the odds are very low.If I were you I would make friends with someone who runs hounds and make plans to hunt this winter Thumbs up

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