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Hunting in Kansas

What is the typical number of years it takes to get a Kansas hunting license? What about Oklahoma, is the run the same way?

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Hunting in Kansas

Being a resident, it's not very hard at all. Nonresident I'm not sure but I think it's fairly easy to draw a tag.

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Hunting in Kansas

I think you just need to live here for at least a year. (Or at least have a mailing address here for a year.) Once you are a resident hunting liscenses are bought over the counter, and deer tags you can buy over the counter now too. Non-resident???? I have no idea how tough it is, but I can't immagine its to hard.

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Hunting in Kansas

Kansas is doing the preference point thing now which will help to draw a tag if you don't the first few times you try.

Oklahoma is over the counter license.