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hunting indiana

Wanted to see if anyone could give me some info .I have the oppertunity to hunt wabash county on some private prop understand their has been a lot of flooding does anyone know if this area has been affected or not .I have always hunted fla and the rut can happen just about any time between sept and jan what time of yaer does it happen up there?I would also like to get an idea of the average temp so I can get some cold weather gear thanks for any help.

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hunting indiana

I don't know about Walbash County, but I hunt and live about 45 miles southwest of Indianapolis, the weather during gun season (starting Nov 15th)normally mid 40's during the day, high 20's at night. As far as flooding I live about three miles from the west fork of the White river and it was at a 100 year high water mark, lots of destroyed crops in the river bottoms, normally a great place to hunt deer. I have been doing alot of scouting in the bottoms the last several evening and the deer don't seem to care about all the washed out crops. They are just were they have been for the last several years no apparent habit change. Hope this helps.....Oh I almost forgot the rut in my area has a history of starting between the last week end in Oct and the first week of Nov. Good Luck.....

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