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Hunting in ground blinds ?

Since I can't climb very well and get dizzy above 15 ft. Mt outfitter for next Spring says he is going to fix me up in a ground blind. I hunted on the ground twice and each time a bear came looking for me one chased me !
Have any of y0ou ground hunted for black bear over bait ? What are the chances for success ? Think

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Hunting in ground blinds ?

I've had many hunters successful using ground blinds--all rifle hunters though. I'l try to set the blind up on a bit of a knoll, distances vary according to situation but 40 yds and over is common. I've also chosen spots overlooking a dry marsh where you shoot from one side to the other. i don't use the commercial pop-up blinds but insist on the guys using material from the area. We frame with young hardwood poles that are nearby just to keep gum off their rifles. The young saplings are usually clear of rough bark too. Then we fill in with coniferous boughs, balsam, spruce or pine whatever is nearby as well. I've probably had as much success with ground blinds as tree stands, but lately I'm getting mostly archery hunters so I've gotten away from the ground blinds.

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Hunting from Ground Blinds

When gun hunting ground blinds are fine. They allow you to put a little distance between yourself and the bait. A properly hidden ground blind approximately 40 yard away from the bait with a good shooting lane can be pretty comfortable for the long time you will spend on stand. Actually, a ground blind can be a little more forgiving to a hunter that moves around too much and the distance helps defeat both the bears nose and eyes. I would not worry at all about a ground blind. Just ensure it is 40 yards or more away, well hidden, dark and natural looking. Gook luck!

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Hunting in ground blinds ?

the wife and i hunted from both this spring.she don't like high places much,so put in a ground blind at one other bait site we had going a it turned out to be a good stand.plan to use it again next spring Yes

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