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Hunting Germany??

I just got the news that the army is moving my family and me to Germany for the next three years. There go my plans for this year’s Cali X5-B archery muley and my Colorado unit 61 archery muley, two of my hunts that I’ve been looking forward to for almost 6 years now. I know there’s hunting in Europe but I heard that bow hunting is forbidden in Germany.  I was thinking about leaving all my guns here in the states with my dad but now I’m wondering if I should take a couple with me.  Does anyone know what European country’s I can bow hunt in?

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Hunting Germany

I know you posted this quite awhile ago & you've probably left for Germany already but with hopes that you will still be dropping into this site time to time I just wanted to wish you & your family God's speed hope you have a great time overseas.  You honor all of us with your service - you have my deepest thanks.

I think you're right about bowhunting in Germany - Das is verboten (sorry, couldn't resist) - and think its much the same throughout Europe.  I frequently read the Traditional Bowhunter magazine & have noticed that there seems to be a small but determined bunch of field and target archers in Germany.  I found the web site www.bogenschiessen.de/shop in an old (June/July 2010) copy of the magazine that may help.  Don't have a clue what that means in English and considering that the magazine serves traditional archery it may not apply if you shoot modern bows but I bet they have folks that are bilingual (assuming you're not) that will be more than willing to help you out.

I'm sure your family will have a great adventure.  As an Air Force brat, my first "big game" kill was one of the Queen's pheasants that a friend & I killed with homemake spears while roaming the hills in England.  It wasn't until much later that we found out what kind of trouble we could have been in for.  But it was high adventure at the time!!

Again best of luck and come home safe!

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