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Hunting Gear Help

Hey folks I need some help choosing a backpack to take elk hunting.  We will be hunting out of a lodge everyday and returning back at night.  The pack is for a day use in the field.  My outfitter recommended a pack with an internal frame, quiet and about 2500-3500 cubic inches of storage.  Lets face it, this may be my only Elk hunt ever, and the packs that my outfitter recommended cost almost as much as a new rifle.  I have looked at Badlands, Eblerstock, Blacks Creek and Horn Hunter.  Keep in mind also, I wan't to be able to carry my rifle on my pack as well.  Are there any suggestions of other brands that will work without killing my budget.

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I use the Cabela's Guide Model fanny pack, it is $89.99. it has shoulder straps, very comforitable, and plenty big for a day pack.



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All the packs you mentioned

All the packs you mentioned are very good packs and if you plan to hunt like this again they are worth it. Remember the Badlands are warrantied for life no matter how you damage it they will replace or fix it forever.

But anyway before we can give any other good suggestions, what is your specific price range?

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I have the Cabelas Alaskan

I have the Cabelas Alaskan guide pack (with frame). Has nice sturdy frame with an ajustable rail on top to add more gear and has a nice platform that folds down to help with packing out game or gear and it has TONS of storage with plenty of different sized compartments and comes with a 1 liter water bladder, and of course it has the rifle or bow holder. I use it for elk and deer hunting and for camping when we pack in. It has nice padded straps so it is very comfortable and has the waist strap so it is nice and snug on you so it doesn't hurt your back or shoulders.


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no pack frames, no internal frame packs for a day pack

I think it would be nuts to run that large of a pack for a day pack.  Get something WAY smaller.  The larger you go, the more likely you are to fill it up with crap you don't need.  Fanny packs are a great idea too and I sometimes hunt with one, especially early season when I don't want my back to get all sweaty.

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Dwight Schuh

I'm not sure you can still get them, but there's a pack called the Dwight Schuh.  It has an external frame with a small fanny pack on the bottom and a regular day pack attached on the upper part.  Each can be taken off and the frame used to pack meat.  I have packed several elk out with this frame and it's both tough and comfortable.  I also use it often just as a day pack when I want to carry a few extra things.  It is a camo fleece pack because it's used mostly by bowhunters.  I love mine and my son and son-in-law both love theirs as well.  If you can't find them new, I'd guess you might find one on eBay before your hunt.  Whatever you end up with, good luck on the hunt.  Hope you get a big one.

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I was only suggesting that

I was only suggesting that pack if you were planning on packing lots of gear or packing meat out. If you are not packing a whole lot for the day and don't have to worry about packing game out I'd go with something much smaller like some of the Badlands day packs. My last elk hunt I used only a small camel back. Carried everything I needed for a day plus a little more. My dad uses a $20 camo pack from wal-mart and it holds everything he possibly needs and says he loves it so it shows you that you have many many options in high and low price ranges.

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I have used an Eberlystock Slingshot for the last 2 years for bowhunting Elk, Mule deer, antelope and Bruins. It was regular priced $149.99 and went on sale for $99 at sportsmans Warehouse.



5 lb.

Mossy Oak Brush or Advantage Max1. 

NT1 Waterproof Microfleece.

1700 c.i. capacity.

Thumbs up  Simple Lifetime Warranty on our products.  If an Eberlestock product fails under normal use due to a defect in materials or workmanship, we will either repair or replace it, at our option.  If we choose to replace the item, it will be with an equal or better product, but we cannot guarantee availability of an identical product.

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walmart pack

I have a $20 remington pack from walmart it works fine it's light and has a gun holder although I never use it . this is a internal frame pack with a waist belt it can be used as a day pack or you could pack boned meat. if you are hunting with an outfitter you should'nt have to pack whole quarters out I'm sure the badlands pack is a great pacl for the money it costs it should pack your meat out for you I've tried them on at cabelas and they seem pretty heavy, even if I had the money I would'nt buy it. If I was backpacking in several miles year after year they MIGHT be worth it . for a simple day pack on an outfitted hunt you should be able to find a good pack for under $75 it does'nt have to be camo either . try ebay as well good luck!!!

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I've been hunting with a

I've been hunting with a Hideaway Droptine for a few years.  Really well engineered internal frame day pack.   http://www.hideawaygear.com/Drop-Tine.html   It is light and quiet.  This time of year you can probably find a deal.  It is well priced anyway.  Anything larger will slow you down.  I have a larger frame pack for wilderness hunts and have a Monster fanny pack from Badlands.  This Hideawy is by far my favorite.  Mine has at least 400 plus hours of rugged elk/deer hunting and shows almost no wear.  I have it in Realtree AP which is great for Western terrain.  It even has a blaze orange rain cover built-in.  Best of all is the airflow venting against your back for heavy hiking on warm days.  I think I found mine for about $80 this same time of year.  Probably just the ticket for your hunt.  My wilderness frame pack can accomodate the rifle carry but I recommend against it for day hunts.  I call it the never ready pack.  Ask your guide about it.

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pack help

I am new on this sight but I think I can help.  Whatch ebay my brother buy good gear of there for some realy good prices. Your next option is to chek out the classified sections of some of the other forums out there. Thake a look at sage creek forums and bowsight. If you are patient and spend some time at it you can get a realy good pack for a good price. It does help to know the models that will work for u and their regular prices.

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