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Hunting Dog on a College Student Schedule

I have wanted to get a yellow lab ever since I moved out of the dorms 3 years ago. I live in a small 3 bedroom apartment. I work for the CDOW in the mornings and then go to school till 3PM. Would it be completely irresponsible to get a lab puppy and try to train it on this schedule or would it be doable?

I know it wouldn't be cheap either. What's a guess on cost when it's all said and done?

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I think getting any dog in

I think getting any dog in you situation wouldnt be ideal, i would wait till you would have more time for him/her and its training. IMO

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I have had yellow labs for quite a number of years.  They are a great dog and companion.  If you want the dog as a friend and not a hunter, then it COULD work out for you and the dog, but not the best scenario.  If you want to train the dog to hunt, I would say hold off and refrain from getting the dog until your schedule allows you to really commit to it.  They are a lot of work and their training is critical.  I have seen way to many times when someone in your situation gets a dog and then it ends up at mom and dads or gets pawned off to someone else.

Get the dog when you are really ready.  I think the fact you asked about this probably means you have some doubts.  Go with your gut.

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Training a dog takes a lot of

Training a dog takes a lot of time so if you don't have that extra trime to spend with the dog I wouldn't get one yet.  As was said if you just want a friend that will love you forever and not worry about how he dose in the field then go ahead and get one now.  I couldn't tell you how many hunting dogs that I have seen that their owners didn't take the time to train them properly and ended up with a so so hunting dog just because of the dogs breeding.  Also remember that when you get a dog that you now have a responsibility 24/7/365 and that you can't just pick up and go somewhere that you can't take a dog.  You end up placing the dog into a kennel or trying to find somebody that can take care of him.  Then don't forget that if you are living in a apartment house the extra deposit for a dog along with the clean up when ever he heads outside to do his business. 

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I just graduated college and

I just graduated college and have had two experiences with this situation...

Roommate #1: Gets a great hound dog puppy named Dixie. He's somewhat of a hunter and would like to train Dixie. He's a much bigger partier and never gets around to it. We all move, and the new landlord does not allow dogs. He has to get rid of her, but doesn't know how ... so she goes back to the pound ... and gets scheduled to be put down. I save her and tell my roommate that that was an unacceptable solution. He secretly "finds a home" for her ... which probably means she went right back to the pound =/

Roommate #2: Not a big hunter, but wants a well-trained dog. Decides training the dog to hunt would probably be the best method for an all around well trained dog. Puts a TON of time in ... and before long has a great dog.

Please go with the second route!!!!!!!!

Also, be aware of your vacation time (flying home means no dog,) landlord rules, places and times to be w/ your dog, ect. I really believe it is too much for a college student to deal with (that's why I still don't have a dog,) but it can be done if you are dedicated.


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Work in the morning and

Work in the morning and school till 3pm? You have plenty of time if you really want to do it. Biggest problem you'll have is what to do with that lab while your at work and in school. When you get out of school you might find a job and that is going tom take up more than morning till 3pm.

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It's a doable situation. Get

It's a doable situation. Get a big kennel to house the dog while you're at school or work. When you get home, you can train the dog. When training a pup, don't spend more than 30 to 45 minutes on a training session. Usually the dog will let you know when they've had enough. Once they start wandering, they are good for that session. You must work with the dog several times a day. Make sure to get the dog responding to hand signals, it can be a life saver. Good luck

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