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hunting boots

what info, advice can anyone give on hunting boots. I will be hunting CO in Oct.
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hunting boots

This will probably go against the majority, but I prefer an ankle-high, hiking-type boot as opposed to the 9" or higher boots that are usually sold as "hunting boots." Then, I wear gaiters to protect my lower legs.

I also do not like Gore-Tex linings. They don't breathe as well as an all-leather boot without the lining, and they aren't as water-proof as a good old rubber boot. So, back when I lived in Florida and hunted in swamps, I used a rubber boot. Now that I live in Colorado I use an all-leather boot and it is plenty water-proof for the occassional step in a puddle or quick creek crossing.

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hunting boots

Don... I agree - I would probably never wear a boot higher than that! In fact, sometimes in arid areas I'll wear a running or cross training shoe with gaiters to keep out the thorns.

Remember - sweat is one of the biggest factors that leads to blisters. The more breathable your boots/shoes are, the better.

What brand of boot do you wear?


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hunting boots

I prefer higher boots that tightly binds the ankle and has a "tongue" that attaches to the rest of the boot, making it water resistent when I step in shallow creeks, etc. I recommend this if you will be hunting late in Oct at greater than 6-7k ft because you will most likely be in snow. Wet fall, first snow that makes for a sloppy mess and you be stepping puddles, etc.

I like complete leather and no-cloth, the reason is because certain areas I hunt (like NW CO are semi-arid) and have a good deal of cactus. The needles will go right through cloth and its not much fun stopping to dig needs out. Oh sure, folks should watch where they step, but everybody makes mistakes.

Whatever you do, make sure they are the right size, and your foot doesn't slop around alot inside the boot. This, along with moisture, leads to blisters.

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hunting boots

Get the boots broken in beforehand. Lace `em tight. A loose boot will murder your feet. A tight boot may feel like it will hurt you - but it actually `saves your bacon'. Lately I have gone to a half size smaller and thin socks, especially for warmer weather.

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hunting boots

I use rockys with 800 gram thinsulate and the gortex liner the bottem is fairly long lasting and not to bad for warmth and my feet never get wet the only problem is the bottem between the liner and sole is lacking insulation but when i put news paper in between it helps a lot. I work in construction so these boots get double duty usually buy a new pair in fall and wear all the way till spring every day . some guys swear by Redwings others at 'em

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