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Hunting Black Bear in COLORADO

Can anyone help me out with an area to hunt black bear here in Colorado with out points that I WILL HAVE A DECENT CHANCE AT SEEING SOME BEARS

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Hunting Black Bear in COLORADO

Hey Greatwhite, good to see u here man !
Just to let u know that moderators here do not offer any beer ! and yeah it's smoke free site ( we do not want to spook the bears )

It's obvious u cannot bait in colorado , am i right ?
so u r looking at hunting bears the hard way , spot and stalk or calls.

before we go forward on this , I need few favor from u

1. in order to help u better, I need to see few pictures of ur hunting area to get a better idea of the terrain u hunt

2. when u r planing to hunt ?

3. how much time u have for this hunt ?

4. any bear will do?

5. a list of all the games that share this hunting ground with you ?

ps. I like ur signature !! HE truly is my rock !!!!!!!

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Hunting Black Bear in COLORADO

Get on the Umcompagh plateau then find Tabawash creek canyon. Set up camp and fry some bacon, let it burn and eat the eggs. I've killed many bear there before the bait ban. Not sure I spelled the name of the creek right..

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