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Hunting and Fishing in Chile

Fresh water fishing is a favourite activity in Chile. The waters are cold, clear and teeming with plenty of trout and salmon. First class accommodations are offered below that truly make a fishing trip in Chile one you won't soon forget. Our commitment is to fish several locations in order to provide the real experience of Fishing Chile.

In the remote Patagonian Forest and flat lands, fish from the heart of our best areas. Wade or float to fish in the nearby Rio Simpson, Grande and many abundant streams. Four wheel drive vehicles and Zodiac boats are employed to access lakes and rivers. Depending on your interests and style, your guide will plan your daily activities. The environment is wild and untamed and the weather is unpredictable so pack you fleece and long underwear. For non-fishing guests, sightseeing, hiking, horseback riding and birding are available in nearby Coyhaique or surrounds.
At the end of the world, trout fish in the crystal streams of Tierra del Fuego. Our area offers easy access to Rasmussen River, ideal for dry fly, and the lagoons Carabinero and Cura. Further a field find Rio Grande, White and Lynch Lakes flowing into Argentina and Lago Blanco at the foothill of Darwin's Range. Experienced anglers looking for a challenge may take the 6-hour ride from the area to the difficult rivers of Lago Deseado. Varieties include German Browns, steelhead and rainbow with either fly or spinning rods.
Also in Patagonia combine fishing with hot springs at Termas de Puyuhuapi. The area offers full board and includes many activities. Fishing is new to the area and trout and salmon are a good catch. Species frequently caught are in the double digits. Ideal for beginners, since the lodging is so comfortable and the fish so bountiful.
Coming a bit up North, the Lakes District in Chile is a fisherman's paradise. Hundreds of mountain streams flow into beautiful mountain lakes. Troll fishing during the morning at Llanquihue Lake is excellent. But besides the fishing, the view that surrounds the lake, of the Osorno volcano and Calbuco volcano are magnificent. Here we can find Fario and Rainbow trout, Silver or Coho salmon, Perca trout, etc. For fly fishing, day trips can be arranged. From the base of the Osorno volcano, take the road toward the estuary of Ralún, starting the descent at the crossing of Hueñu - Hueñu with Petrohué River. There receive the instructions and the proper gear to start fishing (life jackets, etc.). Float downstream on this pristine river, that runs through virgin areas, surrounded by great and amazing hills, fish from the Mackenzies or from the shore and get large Rainbow and Fario trout that can weight up to 6 pounds. If you are in the area at least one night, world class fishing may be experienced as a day trip.

Outside of Puerto Varas on the shores of Lago Llanquihue are the most accessible fishing areas, La Ruca area. At the area the staff prides themselves in teaching beginners casting techniques and fly tying but also offering excellent fishing for experts. Outings on the fjords, rivers, lakes and everglades provide opportunities for several types of Salmon and Trout. In the foothills of the Andes, Another luxury area stakes the River Petrohué as its home river. Again you'll fish for a variety of Salmon and Trout in the nearby waters and spring creeks. Well appointed rooms are outfitted with a Jacuzzi tub and a spa, sauna, and massage room are available to guests.

The Cabins area is much more secluded and offers anglers a chance to fish where very few have fished before. Float and jet boats are on hand to explore the surrounding waters, vary the scenery and insure your fishing success. For those wishing to relax in the evening, a stream side sauna and hot tub are available.

An angler’s paradise, Ranco Lake offers comfortable accommodations for days filled with trout fishing from November to May. In the surrounding rivers fish with waders for an abundance of fish in a variety of sizes. On the deepest stream you may choose to take a full day boat trip. Packed lunches and meals at the areas always include Chilean wine.
All of the areas offer excellent cuisine and wine. Only a few will enjoy these areas as most only accommodate 6 to 10 guests each, so it's important to reserve early.

Our proposal is to experience Chile by fishing several places, different places from Central Chile to Patagonia, including the famous Lakes District.
· Airport meeting
· All local transportation
· All local Air Tickets
· Professional guides and assistants
· 3 different locations (Central Chile , Lakes District and Patagonia)
· Multiple species
· All meals
· All drinks
· Guides and assistants
· Best fishing spots
· Excellent first class Lodging
· Personalized services
U$ 4,990.00
If you prefer a daily based program, please consider a U$ 450 daily fee p/day.

4 days and 5 nights U$ 2.500 – All inclusive

Patagonia is remote, wild and extreme. Our waterfowl hunting program has been developed to provide a first class hunting experience close to the end of the world.

· Region: South America
· Country: Chile
· Google Earth : 45º55’02’’ South – 71º41’48’’ West
· First Arrival Airport: Santiago International Airport
· Local Arrival Airport: Balmaceda Airport-Coihaique (2,5 hours flight)
· Distance from Airport: 60 km
· Airport to hunting lands: By road- Van & 4x4
· Season: April 1st-August 31st
· Available upland: Magellan Goose , Ashy Goose , Juarjual Duck , Royal
Duck, Small Pintail, Large Pintail, Upland
· Available varmint : Fox , Rabbit , Hare
· Available big game: Red Stag , Wild Boar
· Available fishing : Brown Trout , Rainbow Trout , Salmon

All international flights arrive to Santiago International Airport where a representative will meet the hunter, help clearing customs if you are bringing guns into the country. Hunter must combine with local flight to Balmaceda airport. This flight takes 2, 5 hours. At Balmaceda Airport, our guide will meet you at the airport and drive you directly to our hunting lodge.

Coihaique Region & our Hunting Lands:
Coihaique is a small town of 40,000 inhabitants founded in 1929 to encourage settlement to this sparsely populated region of Chile. The town is situated in a valley with a great panoramic view of the mountains and is the trout capital of this region.
This area is a transitional zone for weather and much drier then Puerto Montt. It is situated at 46º south on the edge of the coastal forest zone. To the east is the dry steppe and Argentina. Coihaique boasts many rivers and hunting opportunities, with stunning scenery in all parts. Hunters & Anglers can river fish by boat or walk/wade the many small streams and lakes and hunt over the immense prairies known as Pampas. Our program works with our own local guides in this region providing a variety of hunting options, including the only fly-out operation in Chile located south of Coihaique.
Coihaique area and south is territory that has only been a destination area for international hunters and fly fishermen in the past decade. It had previously received visitors, but only recently has become know as a prime area for waterfowl hunting and fishing vacations. Its grasslands and waters hold surprises including the possibility of hunting several species of Ducks and Geese as well as hooking various species and some true trophies. For Guided Connections this area is one of the favourite places in the world to hunt waterfowl and fly fish!
Hunting lands are mainly composed by wetlands and pampas, similar to the flat parries in Alaska. Our lease extends over several private farms with a total surface of 30.000 acres.

Land is broken everywhere by small streams, lagoons and ponds, favourit3e habitat for all describes species. Also upland species such as Ring Neck and Quail are available in the same spots
90 minutes drive, could also allow the hunters to cross the border and hunt on the Argentine Patagonia as well

Lodging is taken at our own hunting/fishing cabins, comfortable, three double bedrooms, kitchenette, and bathroom
Excellent traditional meals composed by, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Asados, Parrillas. are a must the hunter won’t forget
Field snacks while hunting
Best local wines, beer and soft drinks
One bilingual guide per group in case of bird shooting
One bilingual guide per hunter in case of big game hunting.
Field boys:
One field boy per two hunters

Bringing guns in:
Chile permits bringing guns into the country through a Temporary Importation Permit for Sporting Gun. A US$ 101 dollars tax has to be paid to National Gun Control Bureau and paperwork takes 5 working days. As carrying guns overseas can be very inconvenient, we suggest renting our guns for US$ 50 per day.
Waterfowl shooting at this location is a favourite among hunters visiting the country. This area has a long tradition of duck and goose hunting. You will enjoy breakfast at the guest’s cabin and two hearty home cooked meals every day rated as "Excellent food" by our hunting friends. Of course we supply our best local Chilean wines every day.
We use decoys and pits in some specific areas.
The relaxation of the area is something you will look forward to after a full day of hunting.
Our guided hunts are made up of 2-5 hunters. We hunt in native prairie grasses, marshes, lagoons and Pampas... Most of our hunting is done from stationary sport where the hunter can comfortably sit down.

How many birds to expect in a day?
DUCKS: 15-25
RING NECK: 04-10

Waterfowl Species:
Caiquen Goose ( Chlopephaga Picta)
Canquen Goose (Cloephaga Poliocephala)
JuarJual Duck (Lophonetta Spacularioide)
Royal Duck (Anas Sibilatrix)
Large Pintail (Anas Georgica)
Small Pintail (Anas Flavirostris)
Red Duck (Anas Cyanoptera)

Big Game in the area:
Free ranging Red Deer and Wild Boar

Guns available at this location:
· 12 Gauge pump action-European
· 12 Gauge Over & Under-European
· 20 Gauge Over & Under
All our shells are excellent quality (Spanish and Italian)
250 shells are included

Additional activities:
· Sight Seeing
· Fishing
· Sheep Ranch Activities
Meeting at Airport
250 shells
All meals
All drinks

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