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Hunting in Alaska

First let me say, I am no expert, having only been to Alaska one time. I have read the posting about affordable Alaska hunting and I thought I'd simply post my experience. I've always wanted to hunt Alaska. I tried several times to get stationed there when I was in the Army, without success.

I finally took the leap last spring and booked, with a good friend, a 10 day black bear hunt. We flew from Nashville to Anchorage and then on to the outfitters remote camp, all in one day (you cannot hunt the same day you fly in Alaska). 

After one night (23 hr day total for our bodies, before sleep) we headed out to the spike camp, where the outfitter got us set up and left us there to hunt on our own for black bear. A bit overwhelming perhaps for us, but within a day we were settled in and loved the fact we were on our own with no other person (save for the guide a 3 hr ATV ride) within probably 25+ miles. We were in a very remote area in the foothills of the Alaska Range.

It was a life changing experience I would not trade for anything. I ended up spending most of two days one one full night alone as my friend had to leave earlier than me. He was replaced by an assistant guide, there for safety concerns, of course. I saw several bears, including a large grizzly. I was chomped by maneating mosquitos and shivered in 3 days of constant drizzle.

It was great! I would do this hunt in a heartbeat again, over any western hunt, for anything. And, trust me, my two horseback hunts out west were wonderful too! We did it all for a lot less than a guided elk hunt costs and saw a part of this earth (and our great nation) that I feel lucky to have simply seen. Alaska is an experience, not a trip. Alaska should be lived, if even only for a short time and living in the bush is a life changing experience for someone who has never been there.

One man's opinion! Well, two actually as my Buddy has already asked if we can go again this year!  Yes

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I have not yet been to Alaska

I have not yet been to Alaska but will get there. I am looking at either bear like you did or sitka blacktail. These two seem to be much less expensive than the other game animals up there. Keeping the cost down is the only way I will make it so those are my choices for now.

My dad or son are usually the only people I hunt with and I have not yet convinced them we need to do this. It will happen I just gotta keep pushing.

Thanks for your report. Everyone says the same thing about that great state.

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