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I know many deer seasons have ended back in my old New England stomping grounds, but with the outlook of lots of snow forecast, I've always enjoyed a nice small game hunt in the snow as well. I know some snow totals look to be a bit high, but I hope some will take the opportunity to make a little foray into the woods while or after it snows.

Bring your compass (or GPS) though, 'cause snow covered woods look a lot different and can easily cause you to get turned around a bit. Don't ask me how i know that....... Whistling

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I think the best hunt I ever

I think the best hunt I ever did when there was snow on the ground was for rabbits.

I love sitting there, hearing the dog running around, barking up a storm.

Then, you hear i getting closer, then here comes that pure white snowshoe, hopping across your path.

It's really fun.  Never liked hunting big game that way, unless I was comfortable in a tree stand... Wink

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me too

I’m looking forward to getting out there to chase small game myself.  But it will only happen on the weekends since I am working from dawn to dark every weekday.  Bring on the longer days!

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